Steve ruined my job(s).

by Jan Wouters on 6 oktober 2011

Nobody had more influence on the way my business was done than Steve Jobs. By bringing the Mac, the mouse and Wysiwyg, it was a revolution for us art directors addicted to our tracing paper and Magic markers.

What used to be done by a layouter, typographer, pasteboarder and even platemaker, was now done by
one person on one platform. Gone is the “rough” layout. Clients don’t “get it” anymore if you show them that,
even a licked one done with markers. It has to be as good as if it was printed, legacy of DTP.

I used to be pretty good with M-markers.
Actually I still am because I am good at drawing.
So that’s a talent I can now do without.

But Steve made it possible for me to reinvent myself and to become all of the other: designer, layouter, typographer, webdesigner, retoucher and much more! And all of that on beautifull machines which somehow compell you to love them.
For that I wil remember him with awe.

So if your life was impacted in a similar way by Steve, please remember him here:

PS: just think of it: millions of people probably learned about his death on one of his devices… what a tribute!

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