Mail in the Home, Heart and Head.

by Jan Wouters on 26 februari 2015

Digital media has changed the advertising world.
It has brought a variety of new platforms through which brands
and consumers can communicate and share experiences,
from social media forums to e-commerce channels.
As a result, new ways to create and enhance consumer relationships
are evolving all the time, as is the ability to collect and analyse
vast amounts of data on consumer behaviour.

We’ve also seen constant change in the way people interact
with media such as TV and the internet. What digital media hasn’t
changed is people. We are still physical creatures that thrive
on human contact and stimulation. Giving, receiving and handling
tangible objects remain deep and intuitive parts of the human experience.
In the never-ending stream of two-way virtual communication,
sending a direct sensory experience of your brand can mark a pivotal
moment in the customer journey. We want to help you understand why
this moment matters by giving you unprecedented access to the homes,
hearts and heads of UK consumers. These findings are the result of over
18 months in-depth investigation. We used a combination of traditional
and new methods in the field of market and media research, including
ethnography, quantitative and neuroscience research, interviews and analysis.

Here are the most important things for you to know.

Get the full Royal Mail report here.

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